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Mr. Men and Little Miss Club's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Mr. Men and Little Miss Club's LiveJournal:

Sunday, April 28th, 2013
5:57 pm

The original Mr. Tickle book sent to the publisher (on the left) and one in print (on the right).
5:56 pm

Roger Hargreaves with his children, circa early 70's.
Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
1:11 am
Colors, Shapes, and Distinguishing Features
The Mr. Men--

Mr. Tickle-Orange; round; long arms, blue bowler hat
Mr. Greedy-Pink; oval, fattened -
Mr. Happy-Yellow; round -
Mr. Nosey-Green; oval; big nose
Mr. Sneeze-Blue; star-like; red nose, no arms!
Mr. Bump-Blue; round; white bandages
Mr. Snow-White; snowman-esque; red and white scarf, black bowler hat
Mr. Messy-Pink; scribbly -
Mr. Topsy-Turvy-Orange; bean; yellow walking stick, upside down yellow bowler hat
Mr. Silly-Light brown; round; orange top hat, yellow shoes, no eyes!
Mr. Uppity-Brown; bean; black top hat, monocle
Mr. Small-Red; round; small, blue bowler hat
Mr. Daydream-Blue; cloud-like shape -
Mr. Forgetful-Dark blue; oval; small red hat
Mr. Jelly-Pink; wobbly circle -
Mr. Noisy-Red; round; large brown shoes
Mr. Lazy-Pink; bean; dark blue bwoler hat
Mr. Funny-Light green; round; yellow hat (blue band & daisy), red nose, yellow gloves, red & white shoes
Mr. Mean-Blue; extended oval shape; yellow nose, has ears
Mr. Chatterbox-Pink; semi-circular shape; green bowler hat, blue & white shoes
Mr. Fussy-Green; extended oval shape; orange shoes, yellow nose, center parted black hair, moustache
Mr. Bounce-Yellow; round; small, pink bowler hat
Mr. Muddle-Green; extended oval; red hat, feet pointing in wrong direction
Mr. Dizzy-Light brown; No. 8; blue bowler hat
Mr. Impossible-Purple; oval, horizontally; blue top hat
Mr. Strong-Red; square; green cowboy style hat
Mr. Grumpy-Blue; rectangular; dark blue nose, green top hat
Mr. Clumsy-Green; extended oval shape; yellow nose, orange shoes, messy hair & moustache
Mr. Quiet-Light brown; round; few hairs
Mr. Rush-Purple; triangle; yellow cowboy style hat
Mr. Tall-Blue; round; long legs, brown shoes
Mr. Worry-Dark blue; round; red nose, worry lines
Mr. Nonsense-Yellow; round; green bowler hat, red nose, blue gloves, blue shoes, no eyes
Mr. Wrong-Red; round; flowerpot on head, odd gloves - yellow & blue, odd shoes - brown & black
Mr. Skinny-Yellow; long extended oval; red top hat, green nose
Mr. Mischief-Yellow; oval; pink hat, blue nose
Mr. Clever-Orange; round; green top hat, glasses, has ears
Mr. Busy-Blue; bean; brown top hat with white band
Mr. Slow-Olive-green; round; green bowler hat, white moustache
Mr. Brave-Yellow; extended oval; red & blue baseball cap, glasses
Mr. Grumble-Purple; extended oval; cyan cowboy style hat
Mr. Perfect-Blue; round; side parted black hair, red nose
Mr. Cheerful-Orange; round; yellow bowler hat with blue band, yellow nose
Mr. Cool-Blue; triangle; dark blue top hat with white band
Mr. Rude-Red; round cornered triangle; dark red nose, black top hat
Mr. Good-White; bean; green bowler hat
Mr. Cheeky-Deep purple; triangle; blue hat, brown shoes
Mr. Christmas-Green; triangle; red Santa hat, gloves and shoes, yellow nose
Mr. Birthday-Blue; square; pink nose, pink and yellow cone hat with blue and yellow threads, brown shoes

The Little Misses--
Little Miss Bossy-Blue; round; red hat with yellow band, daisy attached on the hat
Little Miss Naughty-Purple; oval; green ribbon, round nose
Little Miss Neat-Green; oval; black hair, blue bowler hat with white band, pink nose, glasses, orange shoes
Little Miss Sunshine-Yellow; round; blonde hair with pair of braids with red clips, freckles, round nose
Little Miss Tiny-Pink; round; small, blue bow, round nose
Little Miss Trouble-Light brown; round; red hair with pigtails and blue clips, freckles, green nose
Little Miss Helpful-Fuchsia; extended oval shape; light brown hair with mini buns, yellow nose, green and white shoes
Little Miss Magic-Light brown; round; brown hair, green and white striped bow, yellow nose, freckles, red shoes
Little Miss Shy-Blue; oval; black hair, blush on cheeks, round nose
Little Miss Splendid-Yellow-green; round; blonde curly hair, round nose, red hat with blue band and white brim with red polka dots, red high heels
Little Miss Late-Yellow-orange/olive; round; red curly hair, yellow nose, freckles
Little Miss Scatterbrain-Red; round; green hat with yellow band, blue gloves, purple shoes, round nose, no eyes!
Little Miss Greedy-Orange; bean; blonde hair with mini buns, blue bowler hat with white band, daisy attached on the hat, blue boots
Little Miss Giggles-Blue; round; red hair, yellow clips, yellow nose, freckles
Little Miss Twins-Yellow; round; small, blue bow, red nose
Little Miss Chatterbox-Pink; semi-circular shape; blonde hair with mini buns, blue and white shoes
Little Miss Dotty-Brown; oval; blonde curly hair, orange bowler hat with white band, pink nose, freckles
Little Miss Lucky-Pink; round; white bonnet with blue gridlines with red bow attached, blue nose
Little Miss Star-Blue; round; orange curly hair, red nose, green and white shoes
Little Miss Fickle-Red-orange; oval; black hair with pair of braids with blue clips, pink bowler hat with white band, yellow nose
Little Miss Contrary-Orange; round; blonde hair, blue bow, round nose, glasses
Little Miss Busy-Yellow; bean; brown hair with pigtails and blue clips, red frame glasses, green and white shoes
Little Miss Quick-Pink; oval; brown hair, half unfinished blue ribbon, round nose, brown shoes
Little Miss Wise-Pink; extended oval shape; red hair, cyan scrunchy, red nose
Little Miss Tidy-Yellow; round; brown hair with pigtails and blue clips, fuchsia high heels
Little Miss Brainy-Dark blue; bean; blonde hair, red bow
Little Miss Stubborn-Purple; round; purple hair, blue nose, dark blue shoes
Little Miss Curious-Orange; oval; blonde hair with ponytail, blue bow
Little Miss Fun-Orange; round; few lines of hair sticking straight up, blue bow, freckles
Little Miss Somersault-Blue; round; blonde hair with ponytail, pink bow, pink nose, freckles, long legs
Little Miss Scary-Red; round; spiky red hair, yellow nose
Little Miss Bad-Pink; round; black hair with pigtails and blue-purple clips, blue nose, freckles
Little Miss Whoops-Blue; round; black hair, pink nose, white bandages
Little Miss Princess-Pink; round; blonde hair with braids around the sides, gold crown, fuchsia nose, blue shoes
Little Miss Jealous-Pink; star-like; purple nose, green boots
Little Miss Christmas-Green; triangle; red hair with pigtails and holly leaf shaped clips, yellow nose, red gloves, red and white shoes
Little Miss Birthday-Pink; square; blonde hair with mini buns, blue purple ribbon, blue nose, blue sandals
Little Miss Stella-Blue; round; light brown hair, light blue bow, pink nose, freckles, light blue high heels
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